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Tiers of  Training

The division of dancers into Tiers is based solely on ability, not age. ABS coaches place dancers in the Tier where it is felt they will benefit the most. Placement factors include technical achievement and the nature of individual needs observed. Normally there are students of a broad range of ages in each class. The Tiers are taught according to the ability of the dancers in each class and not according to a certain syllabus for the Tier. Changes in level placement are always initiated by ABS coaches - never by the dancer or their parent/guardian. On rare occasions when adjustment in level is warranted, a change will be made as soon as possible.



Preparatory is for dancers that have at least two years of ballet training but are not yet on pointe. This Tier aims at achieving the appropriate physicality in order to rise on pointe shoes. The classes will focus mainly on developing understanding of ballet technique and its French vocabulary, while consolidating flexibility, strength and stamina.



Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced

Primary pushes past the basic mechanics of Preparatory and elevates the dancing to working on pointe shoes. This Tier focuses on building pointe technique while improving knowledge of ballet theory and injury prevention. Primary is divided into 3 levels: Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced.




Adagio is intended for dancers with at least 5 years of ballet training. This Tier aims at mastering the highest levels of classical ballet. Dancers should expect to be challenged technically, physically, and artistically. The ballet theory and physical conditioning introduced in the previous Tiers is intensified.


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