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"As a parent, you seek a dance environment that enriches every aspect of your young dancers life. From the moment we met Abby Jayne and Guillaume, we knew we found an extension of our family in terms of raising a self-aware, disciplined, strong, technical and dedicated young teen. They bring their vast experience as professional dancers and deliver their coaching in the most nurturing, kind and respectful way possible. I can’t help but watch that exchange of trust and immense progression both inside the studio and out. We are forever grateful to have found such a gem of a studio and people as teachers. Immense gratitude."

Shannon L.

"Incredible coaching from professional ballet dancers. Strong classical training that meets the individual needs of each child / helping them reach their full potential."

Evelyn D.


"Our daughter has thrived working with the coaches at Adage Ballet Studio this past year. She is nurtured, cared for and respected as a young dancer; with coaches who truly believe in her and are personally invested in her reaching her full potential as an artist. No detail goes un-noticed: from conditioning for strength and proper technique, a focus on stretching and strengthening to support classical dance and a hands on approach to corrections that creates the strong foundation for growth and injury free work. Her confidence as a dancer shows and it’s so wonderful to see her progress in a healthy and supportive program."

Chris D.


Greg R.

"Great training! My child loves it."

"The team at Adage Ballet Studio was our answer to a child training for months from a basement due to COVID-19. Our aspiring dancer craved studio time, and her mental shift upon consistent in-person instruction was a game-changer. Adage Ballet Studio acted as a support system and partner when it came to a six-month injury. The focus and attention to fine-tuning technique while simultaneously ensuring the joy for ballet made for a happy teenager and a smoother audition season. If you are looking for a great teacher, cheerleader, and/or ballet coach, then look no further than Adage Ballet Studio. They are a group with the student's best interests in mind."

Bridget W.

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