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Student Spotlight



Age 15

Aveline has been dancing since she was 4 years old. She first attended Adage for the Summer Intensive in 2021 and is now enrolled in the full-time program.


"I love ballet because it is so physically and mentally challenging, it really makes me push myself to improve and continue moving forward.  I also love learning new choreography and having the opportunity to perform on stage."

"Dancing at ABS is so much fun, plus I love to spend time with the good friends I’ve made there."


"I love dancing at ABS because it is individualized and every class that I attend, I get so many corrections and lots of helpful feedback. It is helping me improve more and more every day."

"I also love Adage because the people are so kind, considerate, and caring. They make such a fun environment to be a part of."


"In my free time, when I am not dancing at Adage, I like walking to coffee shops, listening to music, and sometimes reading books. I am also interested in photography and digital photo editing."


"Right now some of my biggest goals are to be more comfortable and confident on pointe and to be able to do multiple pirouettes in pointe shoes. I also strive to be able to control my hyper extension."

"Someday I hope to join a company and dance professionally."

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