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Student Spotlight

Aveline - Age 15


“My favorite thing about ballet is really how challenging it is. The feeling when you finally
see improvement is the best in the entire world.
I also like how freeing ballet is because when
I am dancing all of the stresses or worries from
the day just disappear, and for the only time in
my life I am able to focus on one thing and have fun with it.”

“I love dancing at ABS because you get to work on things that you personally need to improve on.
I especially love the different barres that we work on because each different barre is focused on improving a certain skill set. Another thing that I love about ABS is the combinations that we do in class. Every combination has a purpose and even the smallest combinations can help you improve.”


“My main goal for the future is to become a lot stronger and gain more confidence on pointe. I recently was struggling with the fear of pointe work in general but mainly turns, and this fear was having a big impact on my improvement. However, ABS helped me through this and helped me understand that you really just have to go for it. There is no reason to stop and think about whether you should complete that turn or fully go for the next step. Once you start thinking about the fear you might have is where the problem starts. I am so grateful to have been able to get through this block of mine and hope that I will start to improve much more on pointe.”

“I could go on writing what I love about ABS, but I will tell you just one final thing that I love, the homework. Now I know it doesn’t sound fun to get homework from your ballet teacher but even if you don’t find it enjoyable it still helps you improve so much. At ABS, they will assign you homework that will help you improve, such as stretching, strengthening, and coordination exercises. Although I have found my time in the studio to be very valuable, I find that the homework is helping me improve so much faster."


"I have seen immense improvement in the short amount of time I have been with ABS and I am very grateful to be able to dance with them.” - Alara

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